Robert Vadney – Attack of the Clones| Holiday Review Series: Post 6

This track takes elements of Star Wars to create an unforgettable, powerful and cheekily sinister effect. Church bells and violins instantly take its listeners into the groove, so it’s hard to resist dancing with a whole lot of swag. There’s some clicking noises that can remind people of the sounds that the Stormtroopers make when they march on metallic surfaces. Screeches might be annoying to those who dislike cliche Dubstep incorporations. Yet, the idea that it sounds like jerking machine movements, and the fact that it’s not too overpowering, makes it bearable. In the breakdown, various spaceship hovering sounds are combined with the old-school ringing to bring its listeners to outer space. Then, when violin sounds and Stormtrooper steps get isolated, it’s as if ultimate doom was encroaching, and it pumps up the adrenaline rush that will get people excited. Another memorable component is the mystical, Oriental vibe released with synthesized digital beeps. Surprisingly off the Death Star, yet complementary and groovy!

However, the Jason Grey Dub Mix was quite confusing. The instrumental elements were significantly dimmed in the Jason Grey dub mix, which greatly diminishes the power of the original. It seems too reliant on the pulsing effect for a groovy sensation. Additionally, although there seems to be an attempt to contrast the more mysterious, ambient sounds with chaotic sci-fi war sounds, the arrangement wasn’t able to meld the two in a harmonious way. For instance, although it makes an attempt to incorporate more of the old-school beep ringing of mysterious outer space ambience, they were disrupted by the constant choo-choo laser shots. If the laser shots were less overpowering and distant, at least it might have created a foreshadowing element. Or, conversely, perhaps occasional sprinkles of laser shots over the outer-space ringing would make things less irritating. Overall, the transition and arrangements don’t create as much suspense or excitement as the original and have room for improvement.

This EP comes with three tracks, an original mix, a leadless mix, and the Jason Grey Dub Mix. It has been released through Reclublic Recordings on 03/03/2014.


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