Diana Rouvas – Heart of Goodbye Club Mix | Holiday Review Series: Post 7

For those of you who might have no idea as to who Diana Rouvas is, I shall provide some interesting details below. In fact, it’s part of what makes the club mix great.

Diana Rouvas was a contestant on The Voice Australia who made it through the rounds with her low, raspy, sexy voice.

After that, she landed herself a deal with Universal Music Australia, and released ‘Heart of Goodbye’.

This was later accompanied by a club mix by Glamstarr, which was released on Beatport under the House category. You can visit the Beatport link for a preview, because I couldn’t find a club mix preview on YouTube or SoundCloud.

There are two reasons why I thought having a club mix of this track was a brilliant idea. Firstly, considering the style f the original mix, the age of Diana Rouvas and the judges on The Voice, I would assume that the majority of her fans would be above the age of 30. More specifically, this would attract audiences aged 44 and above – The people who were either born in the 70s or lived through the 70s. Just imagine all the awesome memories this is going to bring back for the people who lived through the disco ball era!

Secondly, despite the fact that the bittersweet nature of the lyrics were highlighted in the original mix, the club mix actually brought out the positive side of the lyrics. Love is hard, yet joyful. This club mix is like the moment where lovers everywhere celebrate after conquering hard times. Also, considering the fact that I am not that old, and still enjoy this track very much, it works.

The ‘Heart of Goodbye’ club mix was released through Universal Music Australia on 17/05/2014.


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