Tom8 – Loneliness EP | Holiday Review Series: Post 2

In Tom8’s latest EP, loneliness rings true and comes into existence, playing a sad song with the heartstrings of men.

However, personally, I prefer the remix by Another World over the original mix. With the tempo in the original mix, the sharp repetition of the notes drags things out flatly, whereas the pulsing effects of the Another World remix manages to bring out other elements in the track harmoniously. In addition, the instrumental elements of the Another World remix brings a great breath of fresh air to the entire piece.

The Andy Bianchini remix brings in the instrumental piano melody quite early on in the track, and it sounds as if the melody and the grinding bass line sound as if they are fighting for attention. However, Andy Bianchini ultimately redeems himself in the second half of the track. Towards the chorus, the piano notes were sprinkled on appropriately, and elements of the track begin to shine brightly in their own way.

‘The Loneliness’ EP was released through Trance All-Stars Records on 07/04/2014 and is now available on Beatport.




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