Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson – Beat Dem Bad | Holiday Review Series: Post 4

A roller coaster and a pot aren’t the right words to describe or contain the unique blend of emotions that listeners will experience when playing this track. In the beginning various types of whoops come in here and there, prompting any bystander on the sidelines to jump on the dance floor. Subtly tribal percussions fold in with cheeky burps and whomps. The most anticipated wet beats pop, trickle, wobble and whirl their way through. Then, the most unexpected thing happens in the second breakdown: Reggae. The chords for this track actually sound excellent for a chilled Reggae track. Yet, the surprises don’t just end there. Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson slow down the beat tempo to the extent where it probably becomes lower than the Reggae track itself. Heart rates will literally drop dramatically between these two different breakdowns, build up to a suspenseful pinnacle, then experience an endorphin-filled release when the track bounces back to the regular tempo.

‘Beat Dem Bad’ was released in all online music stores on 22/12/2013 through Komplex Sounds sub-label Critical Overload.


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