Jade Blue – Moving Away | Holiday Review Series: Post 1

Jade Blue was announced as a the latest act to join Black Butter Records around the 12th of March, and this debut is quite amazing. Soft thumps of the bass sends subtle waves of pleasure, like how it feels when you’re sitting in a car that’s driving past zebra crossings. Sharp sounds in the track are so well balanced with the lower frequencies that they shimmer. In fact, what’s most surprising and attention-grabbing is the way in which the vocals have been modified. Both wet and dry sounds combine, to contrast smooth notes with seductively raspy male vocals that are highlighted in the editing process.

One minor flaw that might make listeners twitch though, is the sudden transition from electronic to instrumental. Although it does fade into quietness, the sudden isolation of the violin is unnerving, and the track goes back to upbeat drumming in no time. The opportunity to create a bittersweet moment was not seized, and was merely used as an element to make the ending seem more powerful dramatic, when it didn’t really need that moment of silence to shine.

‘Moving Away’ has been released as part of the ‘Lately’ EP by Jade Blue & Frequency on 17/03/2014 .


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