Code Black and Atmozfears – Starting Over | Holiday Review Series: Post 5

When an Aussie Hardstyle producer that everyone is proud of works with one of the melody masters of the Hardstyle world, an endless stream of brilliance flows.

In this track, there is an interesting use of cymbal effects in the intro that doesn’t rely on the cliche roll. It fades off quickly and appropriately to make way for the main melody played with the piano, which is so stunning and ethereal, that even the muffled effect at the intro cannot mask its amazing power to lift spirits up high. The lyrical content is simple, casual, yet powerful. Every statement is strong and succinctly expressed with a minimal amount of words, and the light-hearted and snappy kicks brings out its uplifting positivity with every hit.

It’s time to relax those worried or tense eyebrows, and look upon personal goals with a vibrant smile of confidence. The key to overcoming any difficulties is to take on challenges with the positive attitude, and get the most out of life by having fun. ‘Starting Over’ encompasses these words of wisdom effortlessly, making it the perfect source of inspiration, motivation, and release, for anyone who needs it.

‘Starting Over’ is the official anthem for XXelerator 2014, released through WE R Music.


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