Afrojack – Ten Feet Tall

Published on Beatsmedia 14/03/2014:

I really love songs with a Latino dance vibe to them, and Afrojack’s latest track ‘Ten Feet Tall’, has managed to hit my soft spot.

The sprinkle of notes in the track sound like something between a flute and a beep as a result of varying compressions, and it doesn’t take long for the track to go into a piano and vocal solo moment. Surprisingly, the muffled chords in the build-up really keep the track fresh and engaging.

There’s also a melodic component of the track that sounds like modified marimba notes, or piano notes modified to sound close to a marimba. Another possibility is that the notes were arranged to sound like what would be played on a marimba … I may not know how Afrojack worked his magic, but I can definitely hear his ability to seamlessly combine instrumental and electronic sounds.

However, I should leave a final note here and say, there are some E/DM fans out there that may dislike songs too close to Pop songs people normally hear on radio. Since I don’t mind it as much, especially with a Latino vibe, I consider this a good tune. In fact, I would be interested to hear about collaboration between Afrojack and Jennifer Lopez.

Conformity 6/10
Melody 10/10
Instruments 10/10
Vocals 10/10
Overall rating 9/10


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