Invitoz – Her Identity [Fan Request]

I’ve had the ‘contact‘ section of my blog up for a few months, and I finally got a review request from a Hardstyle fan named Robbie! The track he recommended was titled ‘Her Identity’, produced by Invitoz and released in 2010 through Bazz Implant Recordings. Bazz Implant is a sub label of impMUSIC, which is a Dutch label founded in 2003.

When I first heard the YouTube preview, I was grinning and covering my mouth from the surprising twist of the chorus melody. Although was a simple matter of turning the synth and volume buttons, the isolation of the airy melody essentially prepares its listener for a good, hard shuffle as soon as the kicks drop.

The YouTube preview piqued my interest in finding the full track, because Robbie told me he couldn’t find a full HQ version of the tune. I’m pleased to say that the full preview is still available on Beatport! I clicked on different points of the sound waves to hear the track bit by bit.

There is an underlying technique used throughout the melodic composition of ‘Her Identity’. This is extremely noticeable in some of the more isolated elements. For instance, the first isolated melody from the introduction has a focus on a descending scale before going towards a chord with half notes that fills two bar lines of the score, and the half notes in the chorus are decreased slightly. Thus, when the chorus melody is combined with hard kicks, the simple yet effective note additions or slight melodic variations produce an intensified experience.

‘Her Identity’ has a stunning piano intro, natural vocals, and the melody uses descending and ascending scales effectively throughout with subtle variations. For anyone who loves the old-school simplicity of Hardstyle, this track would definitely give a brilliant blast into the past.

Thanks for the recommendation, Robbie!


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