Simon O’Shine and Adam Navel – Marathon

‘Marathon’ will make Trance fans hold their breaths before it sends hearts into a beating spree of excitement and joy. With a pumping mix from Adam Navel and a gradual mix from Simon, it’s sure to cater to Trance fans with different tastes.

In the Adam Navel mix, the addition of cymbals after the euphoric melody adds plenty of excitement. The track veers far into the instrumental end before it just bursts into a digital landscape of euphoria, as though the traditional instruments have magically evolved.

For those who fancy a more gradual exercise routine that intensifies as you go along, the Simon O’Shine Mix will be just the thing. The melody seems to have an extended solo moment, so that Trance fans can experience the vocal, string and piano components in all its glory.

‘Marathon’ will be released on the 3rd of March in all download stores through Trance All Stars Records.

Melody 10/10
Transitions 8/10
Instruments 10/10
Mood 8/10
Overall rating 9/10


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