Roland Sandor and The Wise One – ‘Beauty’ and the ‘Beast’

Published on Beatsmedia 26/02/2014:

Roland Sandor and The Wise One - 'Beauty' and the 'Beast'
Beauty and the Beast have never sounded more digitally relevant, and it’s all thanks to contrasting executions by Roland Sandor and The Wise One.
Cowbells usually don’t come until mid-way through a progressive house track, and they can be quite cliche. Yet, in ‘Beast’, the cowbells get in right from the very beginning. More importantly, what makes the cowbells work is the suppressed background melody that comes in later on. When brought to the foreground through decompression and volume with a snappy kick and soft bass, it releases some irresistibly sexy energy that will make dancers sway their hips and whip their hair from side to side.

On the other hand, ‘Beauty’ starts with a firm kick and cymbals. It has additional synth effects as the track goes into the frilly breakdown. When the whoops are finally revealed, the air is filled with a cheeky aura. Although it might sound like a high-pitched version of the main melody featured in ‘Beast’, the way it plucks and drips makes it quite distinct from the sounds of ‘Beast’.

‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ will be released through Reclublic Recordings on the 3rd of March.


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