Hollbrook and Skykeeper vs. Arkham Knights – Sonar

Published on Beatsmedia 10/02/2014:

Holbrook and Skykeeper vs. Arkham Knights - Sonar

Electronic music may be played in a various settings. For instance, it may be played at home, or in a club. Either way, the ‘Sonar’ single from Interstate Recordings will be great in both occasions, which is what makes it such a unique release.

In the original mix, the notes come in two by two, and the second note of the intervals is intermittently repeated with 16th notes. Brief staccato droops make the rises or peaks significantly bittersweet, satisfying, and addictive. It is enlightening to see such a simplistic track being executed so magnificently, and it’s bound to generate intense emotions on the dance floor.

Harry Square’s remix casts interesting variations on transitions. For instance, the intro brings in a melodic element and variation instantly, rather than having intermittent notes that hit on the same key like the original. This might make it easier for DJs playing a live set to cue this track early and quickly while sustaining the mood of a crowd. In fact, it might even eliminate the need for DJs to search for a mark about a quarter of the way through; less spin-searching, more convenience. The compressed ending sounds quiet when compared to the rest of the track, but provided that the last bit of the track tends to be cut-off during transitions at a live set, it makes sense for the track to have a peaceful ending.

Hollbrook & Skykeeper vs. Arkham Knights have produced an exquisite melodic piece, and Harry Square has offered a unique perspective on the art of remixing. This innovative single from Infrasonic Recordings is not worth missing out on!

Transitions 10/10
Melody 10/10
Bass 10/10
Mastering 10/10
Overall rating 10/10


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