Denzal Park and Dave Winnel – The Great Valley

Published on Beatsmedia 10/02/2014:

Denzal Park and Dave Winnel - The Great Valley

I was pleasantly surprised to have come across this promo mail from Neon Records. It wasn’t just because Neon Records was an Australian label, but also because of how marvellously unexpected the production style of the release titled ‘The Great Valley’. While those who listen to Progressive House often may not be accustomed to the genres and techniques incorporated in this release, Denzal Park and Dave Winnel are undoubtedly producers with great minds.

The introduction of the release begins with a muffled melody that rapidly speeds up and slows down in a very short time period. It’s as if a DJ spun the turntable round rapidly before stopping suddenly. It then resumes its progressive house tempo. The muffled melody, as heard from the beginning, consists of 32nd notes, and each note is a conglomeration of chords morphed into one. This adds richness and complexity as the chords rise in ascension. The Dubstep component manages to create a mood that is more emotionally intense which, despite its brevity, sparks my interest in a Dubstep version of this track.

‘The Great Valley’ is the result of collaboration between Neon Records and Diffused Music. This release is now available on Beatport.

Conformity 6/10
Creativity 9/10
Transitions 5/10
Simplicity 10/10
Overall rating 7.5/10


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