The Rogue Agents – Saphfire incl. Denis Neve, Maylo remix

Published on Beatsmedia 04/02/2014:

The Rogue Agents – Saphfire incl. Denis Neve, Maylo remix

The original mix is the best out of the EP, the Maylo remix is decent, and the Denis Neve Remix decreased the final rating slightly. Nonetheless, this is an EP that is worth several plays.

The original mix for ‘Saphfire’ has bouncy, melodic notes at the start which will give listeners a rush of excitement. Its pulsing magnetic effects are absolutely hypnotising. In addition, they are morphed with claps, muffled kick drums, and wobbly grinds to create anticipation. The Rogue Agents provide a slightly surprising change of atmosphere after the breakdown with uplifting and light ascending notes, along with scattered or airy effects.

Denis Neve’s Remix starts off with a descending synth wave that is somewhat cliché, but soon introduces a new boom-tick-clap element that is quite refreshing, and bass that feels like dropping marbles. The track eases in slowly towards the breakdown, but sounds rather forced because the high-pitched melody hardly decreases in volume or fades in echo before it’s interrupted by the cymbal-like hit. The percussion sounds a bit heavier than the light-hearted melody, and the violin sounds make the piece rather unsettling and mismatched. This track would have had a lot of potential if the layers were narrowed down to a few for some much needed simplicity.

Maylo’s remix begins with fuzzy crackles and has two layers of modified, watery effects: One that sounds like popping droplets, and one that sounds like a tap flow. The clicks in the track sound like they were initially made with the mouth. Then, the percussion seeps through crackles with a melody containing unique, ascending intervals. Digital beeps sparkle in the breakdown subtly, and the modified guitar sounds add natural beauty to the remix.

‘Saphfire’ by The Rogue Agents is now available on Beatport through Soul Key Records.

Transition 6/10

Melody 7/10

Bass 7/10

Instruments 8/10

Overall rating 7/10


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