‘So Good’ and ‘What I Wanted’ from Incepto Music Sampler: Snowfall

Published on Beatsmedia 04/02/2014:

Incepto Music Sampler: Snowfall

There are two absolutely memorable and uplifting tracks from ‘Incepto Music Sampler: Snowfall’ – ‘So Good (Dub Mix)’ and ‘What I Wanted (Original Mix)’.

The highlight of ‘So Good’ is its hypnotic, hopeful, yet cheerful melody. In terms of layering, it strips the track down to the essential basics of what makes a good tune: Bouncy notes, and a sound that just weaves the notes together like a flowing stream. ‘Di-da-di’ stutters occasionally fade in and out of the track at the right moments and frequency, which allows the track to produce a light-hearted and relaxing mood.

‘What I Wanted’ starts off with hard hitting bass drums before it starts to bring in a funky bass line and ethereal vocals. Roughness of the bass subsides, and the melody begins to hit higher notes. It seems to leave some space for the vocals at this point, creating anticipation for listeners who want more of the vocal sneak peek provided in the introduction of the track. The ‘ah’ vocal stutters have a sort of humming buzz to it as the compression levels and notes vary. It seems to create expectation of male vocals to come in and sing in chorus with the female vocalist, which would have been nice to hear.

Incepto Music Sampler: Snowfall is now available on Beatport. I give Wayward Brothers’ ‘So Good’ and Sunlight Project’s ‘What I Wanted’ the rating of 8/10.

Transitions 8/10

Vocals 8/10

Melody 8/10

Mood 8/10

Overall rating 8/10


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