Rebourne – Divider

Published on Beatsmedia 04/02/2014:

‘Divider’ might not be the usual Hardstyler’s cup of tea, but in terms of innovation, Rebourne may be up to something pretty sweet.

When the kick is muffled and accompanied by airy, scattered sounds to the Hardstyle tempo, it already sounds as if Rebourne was inspired by the sounds of Big-Room or Electro House. This is evident in the way the bass seems to drag itself every time. In fact, Rebourne even intentionally matched techniques associated with Big-Room or Electro House at around 2.50 of the video as an explicit reference. Although the compressed kicks seem pale and dim in comparison to Fusion’s usual releases, it actually works really well when Rebourne slows things down and modifies percussion to the Moombahton style.

Personally, I think this release is quite difficult to rate. This is because, whenever an artist tries something new, I would prefer the artist to ease his or her listeners into the new style slowly and gracefully, rather than try and do too many things in one track, at one go. Yet, including this many genre influences into one track, to the extent where it becomes difficult to classify, greatly demonstrates Rebourne’s flexibility and creativity as a master of melodies in the Hardstyle scene. One should also note that a genre called Hardstyle Electro is slowly seeping into the world of what some people would call “commercial” E/DM as Hardstyle evolves to expand its fan base.

Thus, I’m going to a unique category in my rating considerations to adequately express my views on this release in numbers – Conformity, which is the extent to which the track conforms to a style that the artist usually produces in, or the style an artist is expected to produce. The lower the score, the more the track veers into the territory of risk. However, the creativity category will then offset the loss to commend the artist for taking risks in production.

Rebourne’s ‘Divider’ is expected to be released through Fusion Records on the 24th of February.


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