Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love ft. MNEK

Published on Beatsmedia 25/01/2014:

Gorgon City - Ready For Your Love

There are two tracks that stand out in Black Butter Records’ ‘Ready For Your Love’ EP – the original mix, and the MNEK refix.

The original mix has a playful mood that is from another time era. Vocals begin the original mix by singing at a low and seductive tone, followed by the bass line melody which makes things mischievous and playful. Then, when the vocals get into a solo with the melody during the breakdown, it reminded me of the cheesy 90s love songs. Cheesy in a good way! It’ll let listeners experience a blast into a sassy room of purple lights and comfy couches, away from the stressful pressures of life.

The pulsing bass, melody, and vocal stutters in the MNEK refix are absolutely thrilling and sensational. The twang in the bass line allows this remix to preserve the funky feeling from the original mix. Vocal components that can be heard from the original are accompanied by rich choruses, and the inclusion of the falsetto moment excluded from the original is an exciting addition to the remix. The unexpected and creative transitions are most impressive. For instance, the added depth to the vocals right in the beginning will give listeners goosebumps as it vibrates the eardrums. Another demonstration of MNEK’s use of creative transition can even be heard in a simple ‘ah’: The lower range has enhanced and grounded bass, but then as the vocals roller-skates its way to the higher note, the middle range echoes in the air and high range gets scattered into particles.

I give the original mix and MNEK refix a solid 10/10!

Transitions 10/10
Vocals 10/10
Harmony 10/10
Bass 10/10
Overall rating 10/10


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