Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Jadin Recks Bootleg)

Published on Beatsmedia 25/01/2014:

Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Jadin Recks Bootleg)

It’s not easy for a producer to remix a classic that has been remixed many times. Nonetheless, Jadin Recks managed to succeed in making a great bootleg of one of the most memorable Trance classics of all time.

To paint a picture of how prominent Veracocha’s ‘Carte Blanche’ is, people who aren’t Trance fans would probably have heard various remixes of the original Trance track at some point of their life.  Or, people may recognise the melody even if they don’t know what the track is called. So, beware of the awesome ear worm below!

In the bootleg, elements of the bass line in the background of the original track’s chorus are extracted and brought out to the foreground with a higher pitch. Additionally, the extracted layer is also accompanied by a pulsing siren which intensified in thirds during the bootleg intro. Towards the breakdown, the sirens’ intensifications, along with note frequency and length, change. The notes pause and reappear with quick synth variations to produce a guitar-like twang. The BPM in the bootleg is noticeably less than the original, but suitably paced. This is because it allows the listener to immerse themselves into every melodic note.

If listening to the original melody is as satisfying as watching ripples on a pond surface, then listening to the bootleg will allow listeners to experience invigorating shots of energy in every note, and provide ear massage with vibrations from its grinds.

Layering 10/10

Transitions 8/10

Effects 8/10

Melody 10/10

Overall rating 9/10


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