Miley Cyrus – ‘Adore You’ (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)

Published on Beatsmedia 05/01/2014:

Louis La Roche

I read an EDM Tunes article talking about a Miley Cyrus reconstruction that, apparently, trumps the original. I had a listen to it, and agreed to an extent. This detailed review will explain why and make comments on the room for improvement in the execution of certain elements in the track.

Louis La Roche brought in sliced vocal stutters right from the very beginning of the track. It seems to have some sort of an echo or delay that causes it to drag on for a bit each time it loops. Perhaps this is a way to tie all the elements of percussion together and create a sense of flow, which does demonstrate Louis La Roche’s understanding and awareness of the House genre structure. However, the flow has far too many peaks. If the vocal stutters from the beginning were more subtle in pitch or volume before the new stutter of fading ‘e’s was introduced after 0:34, the introduction could have been much smoother. In addition, there’s a fine line between creating a groovy loop and creating an annoying loop, and the ‘eh’ stutters leaned towards annoying loop slightly. If Louis La Roche had timed the ‘eh’ stutters at an intermittent rate with greater gaps in between, it would have been more pleasant than a predictable, successive loop.

I was surprised by the lack of lyrics in the reconstruction, since the usual remixes and bootlegs would simply edit the music but leave the vocals as they are. Louis La Roche’s selection of lyrics demonstrates great attention to detail though. The inclusion of endearing terms such as “baby”, “ooh”, are choices that allow the track to preserve its element of seduction. “Are you listening”, “I’m crying now”, and “where you been” are phrases that communicate desire and longing most effectively. Last but not least, the drums and claps in percussion switch between dry and wet sounds, which makes things very punchy and pleasant.

As a result, Louis La Roche produced something different to the usual pop structures commonly heard on the radio. This reconstruction is a wonderfully refreshing take on the original.

Percussion 8/10

Lyric selection 9/10

Creativity 7/10

Stutters 6/10

Overall rating 7.5/10


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