The Pitcher – Candyman (edit)

Published on Beatsmedia 29/12/2013:

In the month of December, while everyone’s enjoying their Christmas candy canes, The Pitcher reminds his listeners of a terrifying character – ‘The Candyman’.

After clicking the play button, a deep narrators’ voice declares the return of the Candyman. Perhaps this is a direct reference to a horror film with the same title. The good thing about the narration is that such low-pitched narration voices never fail to excite in scary storytelling scenes. However, The Pitcher didn’t choose to provide more scenic or dramatic details through narration, which was not what I expected.

Allow me to give you some examples of what I would expect in a narrated piece. In Fusion’s 2014 release ‘Children Of The Night’ (to be released in January 2014), the narrator actually acknowledges the childrens’ voices after they are heard.

In the Defqon.1 2012 ‘World of Madness’ compilation, Coone’s release ‘Chapter 20.12’ uses a similar technique in reverse, where the effects would come almost immediately after they are narrated. It actually sounds as if the narrator is creating a new world.

The narration in The Pitcher’s release merely states the return of the Candyman, rather than try to create or recreate a scene of what the return means or how the Candyman returns through environmental sound effects. This causes the storytelling element of ‘The Candyman’ to lack some magic.

However, the necessity to recreate a scene in a good Hardstyle track can be debatable. For instance, ‘World of Madness’ by Wildstylez, Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers uses the narration to remind Hardstyle lovers about the excitement of attending Defqon.1. ‘World Of Madness’ sounds awesome regardless of the fact that the sound effects don’t respond or change according to what is narrated. In fact, it is the easily understood or relatable narration that makes it brilliant for Hardstyle lovers.

Thus, the narration for ‘The Candyman’ could have been either be more detailed like ‘Children Of The Night’ and ‘Chapter 20.12’, or easily relatable and imaginable like ‘World Of Madness’. The overall rating given to ‘The Candyman’ in this review would have increased if these aspects were incorporated into narration

Nonetheless, aside from the aforementioned slip, ‘The Candyman’ still manages to prance and recreate a wonderfully scary atmosphere for people to do some freaky dance moves. The sinister minor key melody that’s briefly and subtly used in the intro makes a wonderful tune for a creepy music box. Another melodic variation included in the release, which can also be considered a bridge, is quite punchy in its wow-wow style and great to bounce to with that pow-pow kick. Pow-wow-wow!

Be prepared to welcome ‘The Candyman’ when it’s added to Fusion Records’s list of releases! Its release date has yet to be announced!

Narration 7/10

Melody 8/10

Kicks 8/10

Creativity 7/10

Overall rating 7.5/10


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