Fortune Cookie – Mojo

Published on Beatsmedia 29/12/2013:

Fortune Cookie - Wild Child EP

Every once in a while, there’s an innovative Trap release that manages to sound exceptional even when it veers away from gangster-hood sounds. Fortune Cookie produced a mystical and a comparably light-hearted release titled ‘Mojo’ that can be quite refreshing to the ears.

The most evident point of difference is highlighted early on in the intro, where the tambourine shakes things up. Additionally, although a triangle is the most under appreciated instrument, its usage and emphasis in this piece creates quite a mischievous effect.

Contrary to popular usage, the drop comes in quite unexpectedly by reintroducing the intro melody. From that point onward, the most explicit effect added is the synthesized jet take-off sound. It might sound irritating to some as a desperate attempt to differentiate the second half of this track or introduce more drops.

Whether there was a need to extend the track beyond three minutes can be debatable. Nonetheless, Fortune Cookie’s ‘Mojo’ does manage to establish a loop-worthy stance in less than three minutes, which is why it deserves some credit.

‘Mojo’ is available as a free download on SoundCloud.

Creativity 6/10
Mood 7/10
Length 5/10
Instruments 8/10
Overall rating 6.5/10


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