Rob Deep – High Tide and Low Tide

High Tide EP

Published on Beatsmedia 15/12/2013:

Rob Deep supposedly “locked himself away for a few weeks” to produce the ‘High Tide’ EP. That discipline has certainly paid off, for only someone with sharpened senses could produce such brilliant releases.

The mysterious chant in ‘High Tide’ seems to represent how nature is unsettled by the change in weather. Sandy sweeps complement synthesised beeps which drop like morning dew. As the frequency of the beeps increase, it begins to resemble raindrops. Twittering birds join in on the percussion to create a psychedelic effect amidst migration chaos, and they go well with the magical chimes in transitions. The track innovatively uses different bass line effects to keep things fresh, such as a mischievously low bass with delays and a high-pitched flute-like effect towards the end.

The intro for ‘Low Tide’ is light with claps, distant beeps, bongo percussion, and fizzy cymbals. Its deep bass is soothing yet satisfying, contrasted with twinkling notes that gradually sound more and more like chimes as it is synthesised. The vocals tell “everybody” to “come on” now that the coast is clear from storms and high tides, as the tune creates a perfect setting for a beach party. Towards the end of the track, senses will be tickled even more by the cheeky baritone vocals, which sound like a cross between a gentle sigh and an alluring purr.

The ‘High Tide’ EP will be released through Say Wat Records on the 7th of January 2014.

Bass 8/10
Transitions 8/10
Mood 9/10
Creativity 7/10
Overall rating 8/10


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