Re-Volt – Children Of The Night (Beatsmedia Exclusive)

Published on Beatsmedia 08/12/2013:

Release artwork included in this archive on 06/01/2014
Re-Volt - Children Of The Night

It begins on a night with howling winds. Digitised cicadas make sounds that subtly jingle in the background. Operatic chants and twinkling notes of a music box serve as a brilliant contrast to the dark kicks. Once the reaper declares he has “come from your soul”, listeners will be taken into another realm.

Children laugh innocently as they run off into the distance, and the echoing effects make it sound as if they were from a past life. Perhaps they are spirits, cursed to re-live the moment they were abducted again and again. The narrator, or the villain, makes an interesting comment by saying: “Listen to that; the children of the night … what surreal music they make”. This may sound like the ramblings of a madman, but it also points out a delightful paradox: Although the sounds of children laughing are not considered music in real life, they still manage to become a wonderful part of this creative piece. Perhaps this also a commentary on the phrase ‘music to my ears’, where personal tastes come into play in determining what is considered to be good or bad, or even what is considered to be musical.

‘Children of the Night’ is predominantly theatrical and dramatic, with less emphasis on the kicks themselves and more on the effects that create a haunting atmosphere. Additional emphasis and energetic growl on the kick would have allowed this piece to set the dance floor on fire. Nonetheless, this is an example of how Hardstyle can be artistically used as part of a horror film soundtrack, or a form of social commentary.

‘Children Of The Night’ will be released on the 13th of January 2014 through Fusion Records.

Kicks 6/10

Mastering 7/10

Mood 8/10

Melody 7/10

Overall rating 7/10


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