Neilio ft. Ohwin – Wish I Never Met You

Published on Beatsmedia 22/11/2013:

Allow the piano notes to soothe your soul before kicks take you into an explosion of ecstasy. ‘Wish I Never Met You’ is an emotional track that will mend the hearts of heartbroken folk before it blasts the pain away.

In the build-up, all elements sound balanced despite their variance in pitch, especially when the amplifier overdrive tones and vocals co-exist. This is followed by two surprising elements: The solo of the mild chorus melody, and the kicks that sound like they’re floating slightly above it momentarily. Most Hardstyle tracks tend to demand some sort of furious hit or clap right before the kicks come in, and then get right into the deep bass. The track’s gradual dive into deepness can be very pleasurable, especially when accompanied by bittersweet lyrics.

However, there is one odd downside to the track, and that is the sudden elevation to a higher key towards the end of the preview. To make a more specific point, the vocals were excessively modified, even though it would have sounded just fine naturally.

Nonetheless, overall, ‘Wish I Never Met You’ manages to achieve a good balance between delivering expectations and introducing innovation.

The track has been released in the WINMY EP through Dirty Workz on Beatport.

Balance 7/10
Melody 7/10
Lyrics 8/10
Kicks 8/10
Overall Rating 7.5/10


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