Damian Wasse – My Heart

Published on Beatsmedia 14/10/2013:

Damian Wasse - My Heart

Want to know what caressed my heart on a dark night? A song called ‘My Heart’, originally produced by Damian Wasse. With its delicately pulsing kicks, whirling synths, and heavenly vocal components that just glide like a skater on a rink, it’s bound to leave its listeners enchanted.

The original mix manages to sustain momentum all the way through, so one can definitely hear how plenty of genuine effort was put into experimentation and creative transitions. The main electronic melody manages to complement the vocals by sounding eerily similar to it, which could have been accomplished by extracting low tones from the original vocals. This can be heard at around 4:10 of the full original mix, where the sound turns from artificially electronic to one that sounds somewhat closer to a real aria. It could very well be one of many elements that contribute to the creation of ethereal goosebumps.

If anyone’s up for something more uplifting, Astuni and Manuel Le Saux know just what to do. However, there are several moments in this re-lift that can be a little cliché: The vocal stutters from the beginning, repeated notes, and the synths, don’t really have a complementary layers to morph with the melody like the original mix. On the bright side of things, around two minutes into the introduction, the vocal stutters eventually pause a few seconds longer for the main melody shine its way through gradually. In addition, some people might appreciate the preservation of simplicity, and how the track focuses on gradual build-up rather than additional effects. This version could actually appeal to the purists.

This Trance All-Stars Records release will satisfy different preferences, and some might end up choosing one out of the two. Either way, they would definitely send listeners into a Trance of awe with its magical qualities. Get ready for a golden sprinkle of glitter that magically beautifies dark times. Or, maybe, get ready to swim through a night sky full of golden stars. Why gold? Because, this release definitely deserves more than just a silver level of recognition.

Release date: 14.10.2013

Originality 7/10
Melody 7/10
Variety 8/10
Transitions 10/10
Overall Rating 8/10


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