Krewella – Live For The Night (Remixes)

Published on Pumped Audio 02/10/2013:

Krewella - Live For The Night

A few days after Krewella’s new album ‘Get Wet’ was leaked on SoundCloud, it was reported that ‘Live For The Night’ was remixed by chart-toppers W&W and Dash Berlin. Have a listen to the previews below!

W&W’s remix provides a more guided introduction with more emphasis on a piano improvisation. The melody acting as a backdrop to the vocals is more simplified, so that it doesn’t steal away the spotlight of that heavy Big-Room sound. This is an effective way of punctuating the track at the right moment. In addition, the percussion used prior to transition from the strong bass component creates a refreshing effect. This W&W remix is a very empowering piece that brings something new to the decks, and it’s bound to be something a lot of Big-Room house fans will enjoy.

Dash Berlin loops a slow trill quite often throughout his remix of ‘Live For The Night’. Not many people might like to hear the same notes looped over and over again without some sort of melodic variation. However, to me, this melody just has that hypnotic quality where one can loop it a thousand times and not get sick of it. Whenever there is a decompression, sounds expand like the way clouds drift apart after a rainy day to reveal the bright sun.

Although it was reported that these two remixes were official, they have not been included in the track list on iTunes or Beatport. Perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see if Columbia Records will release them in a remixes album. For now, have a listen to Krewella’s first album ‘Get Wet’ below!


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