Empia – Streetcleaner’s New Alias

Published on Pumped Audio 02/10/2013:


Carl Eliott, who previously produced under the alias Streetcleaner, has taken interest in a new musical direction. Thus, he decided to change his alias to Empia.

The following was what he had to say about the alias change:

Ok guys, there is a reason I have been inactive over the past 5-6 months, and that’s because I have been working on a completely different alias. In this time I’ve been laying the foundations for a new electronic music project, writing music which is definitely very different to what I’ve previously written, but music which I’m having a lot of fun writing and it is a direction which I feel I needed a new alias for, and that is why I have decided to ditch Streetcleaner.

I apologise for such a long period of inactivity, but I think it was necessary. I am very excited to launch my new project, called Empia

You can also follow Empia here:



To give you an idea of the difference in style, have a listen to the following previews! Look out for Empia’s cheeky Trap experiment!

While Trap tracks are normally associated with ghetto or gangster vibes, Empia has managed to flip that common perception around to create a really cute track titled ‘Future Feel’! The main feature that makes this track so adorable are the unique vocal stutters, created with rather innovative production techniques. Could it be that they only sound like vocal stutters because of the way Empia managed to meddle with the sound waves? Or was it because he mashed the operatic vocals together with the guitar sounds to create that impression?

Chimes usually let out a twinkling sound or a clatter when blown by a gust of wind, though it depends on what they’re made of. If you want to hear an electronic version, have a listen to the track ‘Chimes’. The high-pitched vocal stutters might sound unnecessary and disruptive. Nonetheless, the pulsing sensation and the tinkly trills can form a pretty good calming agent.

If you click into ‘Night Jungle’, you’ll notice that it includes tags such as ‘Flume’ and ‘Disclosure’, which is probably an indication of where Empia will be getting inspiration from. The chirps and the percussion the track make this piece sound like a beautiful yet active night in the jungle. While the lion sleeps, a lot of the critters could be up like little clubbers!

Will Empia be releasing anything with Komplex Sounds? Who knows? For now, keep your eyes peeled for what this amazing, versatile producer has to offer!

Best of luck to you, Carl!


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