Krewella – Get Wet

Published on Beatsmedia 30/09/2013:

Krewella - Get Wet

Two girls and one guy who go by the alias Krewella have managed to garner great interest from the fans of electronic music with some of their impressive Electro House and Dubstep singles. On YouTube, acoustic versions of their singles can be found, demonstrating their versatile ability to move between genres. The curious thing about their first album is that it’s actually classified as Pop/Rock on Beatport. However, if you actually listen to the whole album, it’s pretty difficult to classify the album.

‘Live For The Night’ is the result of an Electro House and Dubstep fusion, with a deluxe melody accompanied by octave-low notes, and swirly wobbles at just the right pitch. The way Krewella have adequately adjusted Dubstep and Electro House portions throughout the track allows them to control the atmosphere in an intelligent way. For instance, the kicks are more profound in the climax, whereas the Dubstep wobbles might sound profound in other moments with lyrics. In effect, the crowd could clap in the intro, have the chance to dance or twirl seductively during Dubstep grinds, then jump energetically during the climax!

‘Come and Get It’ sounds quite joyful and great to skip to most of the time, but it has edgy boosts that will rock you to the core as well. It incorporates the best of Dubstep and Drum-N-Bass, which is probably why it’ll be hard for people to work out exactly where the climax is. Is it the lyrical moments, or the wub-wub? Anyway, during the more Dubstep-focused parts that are played with Drum-N-Bass percussions, there are also lighter notes layered and sprinkled with different chords for a sparkly effect. Basically, this track will be the confetti and glitter shooter of any stage.

Life has its ups and downs, but we can all ‘Enjoy The Ride’ with Krewella. The piano notes and soft vocals in the intro of this track create a bittersweet hook to draw its listeners in. There’s even an earthy guitar bass line! However, what’s most amazing about this piece is how seems to remind us of this fact – Traditional instruments continue to play a significant role in effects and composition of a great electronic music track. When they sing: “Let’s do it again”, it’s really a way of foreshadowing possible audience reactions to the song – Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

The intro for ‘Pass The Love Around’ doesn’t just have repetitive chords. Instead, it includes some light, melodic embellishments to make things interesting. The boom-boom-clap percussion goes well with some fuzzy Dubstep sounds. The breakdown also allows the vocalist to shine with the piano, before the track reinstates the electronic climax. The lyrics convey a touching message of living life with passion, which really enhances the euphoria that comes from listening.

‘Ring of Fire’ has a dark intro, consisting of a bass line and pace commonly associated with Rock music. If you think female vocals couldn’t sound as cool as a male vocal, then this will definitely challenge your perception. The melody that plays after the notes hit also give off a very mysterious vibe. When the hard-hitting kicks come in, it could easily present an imagery of people dancing around a bonfire, and the sandy effect would be the seas of freedom on the shore. Finally, towards, the end, an orchestral portion brings in some unexpectedly sinister drama!

Classification doesn’t really matter, does it? ‘Get Wet’ is practically Krewella’s way of doing splits and playing Twister in the E/DM scene as they effortlessly mash and morph various genres. The mind-opening album is now available for streaming on SoundCloud, and available for purchase worldwide on Beatport.

Oh, and remember to grab your towel!

Originality 8/10

Harmony 7/10

Instrumentals 8/10

Lyrics 7/10

Overall rating 7.5/10


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