Lumera – Take Your Time

Published on Pumped Audio 09/09/2013:

Lumera - Take Your Time

If you want a release that will make you have so much fun that you’ll wonder where all the time went, ‘Take Your Time’ would be the ideal vortex of pleasure.

‘Take Your Time’ begins with some deep echoing bass and a ‘kah’ stutter effect, which somehow feels like a tribe on a hunt in a jungle. Yet, as soon as the bass line comes in, listeners are transported into a spacey 80s vibe. The smooth piano and synthesised notes that vary in pitch are like well-rounded bubbles, guided in their upward float by an echoing male vocal. Playful manipulations of compression create varying degrees of anticipation and suspense. There is an explicitly Dubstep-influenced component in the track which might require a little more variation in synth or compression. Nonetheless, the arrangement and execution of the sound elements were well-controlled to keep the momentum of a dance room in escalation.

‘Take Your Time’ is now available on Beatport through the Komplex Sounds sub-label Synergistic Fusion.


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