Croquet Club – Awake and Cardigan

Published on Pumped Audio 09/09/2013:

Croquet Club - Awake and Cardigan

Croquet Club have incorporated instrumental sound elements in their amazing, innovative, new EP containing two tracks: ‘Awake’ and ‘Cardigan’.

The blues intro of ‘Awake’ is incredibly unexpected. That switch between male and female vocals will leave listeners wondering whether it’s the work of the synths, or if the vocals were recorded separately. After a smooth turn to Deep House, the instrumental sounds make their way in again for a solo. This time, however, listeners will hear a wonderful harp sound, followed by an electronic contrast.

Croquet Club splice, loop, and combine romantic elements of a piano track in ‘Cardigan’. The claps come in a little too early and loudly for a smooth transition, but it has an interesting echo tail. In fact, it sounds a bit like the moment after a wave hits a shore. Then, although the vocal stutters are overused in the second half of the track, the additional layer of notes shines beautifully.

‘Awake’ and ‘Cardigan’ are now available for purchase on Beatport.


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