Fabio XB – ‘Go Ahead’ and ‘For Her’

Published on Beatsmedia 26/08/2013:

Fabio XB - Go Ahead and For Her

Fabio XB has produced some beautifully uplifting melodies for his ASOT 228 releases ‘Go Ahead’ and ‘For Her’. Yet, he’s seems to be holding things back and playing it safe.

If you can feel the bass in ‘Go Ahead’ shake your headphones, just imagine how much tension you’ll feel as the dance floor quakes with its power! The grinding bass line and glorious solo can be quite addictive. However, in the climax teaser, a more subtle variation of the main melody would have been able to produce some suspense or mystery. Overall, the rest of the track sounded flat with simple layers that just don’t provide enough entertainment.

‘For Her’ has gorgeous strings and sweeps that sound absolutely ethereal. Unfortunately, the melody of the digitised sounds makes waves in a narrow tunnel. There’s no explosion, and the light at the end of its tunnel seems a bit unstable. Yet, the build-ups in this track are better managed than ‘Go Ahead’. Instead of introducing a teaser that’s far too explicit, it leads its listeners into different realms of sound for a more exciting experience.

‘Go Ahead’ and ‘For Her’ are now available for purchase on Beatport.

Originality 6/10

Melodies 7/10

Instruments 8/10

Variation 5/10

Overall rating 6.5/10


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