Jack Of Sound and Frequencerz – S.T.F.U.

Published on Beatsmedia 15/08/2013:

Jack Of Sound and Frequencerz - S.T.F.U.

I fell in love with Jack of Sound when I heard his first few releases on Fusion Records. The first handful of his releases back then contained, in my opinion, what could be his eternal trademark: A somewhat enchanting hold over ascending and descending scales or chords, and playful sound bites that sound like those from black-and-white horror films or haunted carnivals.

Most of his news releases don’t seem to include those elements very often, so you can imagine how happy I was to hear explicit traces of the old-school Jack of Sound’s creepy style again in ‘S.T.F.U’ – Jack of Sound’s collaboration with Frequencerz.

The track has vocals that have the tendency to make you shudder as they pass through and pause. In addition, there’s an interesting point where sweeping grinds come in, speed up a bit, then slow down at the final two notes, creating a fascinating irregularity. A lot of Hardstyle tracks would normally speed it up and let it whiz off, so that point in the track deserves some originality points!

This track has a classic theme layered with ascending chord progressions, and accompanied by varying emphasis in kick and melody. For instance, during the snappy and catchy build-up, the kick and bass are compressed to bring a short, fuzzy, and twangy sound, so it’s given less emphasis than the melodic notes. When decompressed at the climax, the throbs are well controlled, and the continuity makes it perfect to shuffle to!

The second half of this track sounds rather different to the first half, because it’s focused on a beeping melody. In fact, at this point, its as though the Jack of Sound style was dominant for the first half of the track, and the Frequencerz style was dominant in the other. I really like the part where there’s a reverse bass component to suit the beeps. Sadly, it only lasts briefly.

S.T.F.U. doesn’t incorporate a haunting theme throughout, and it definitely needs more reverse bass. Nonetheless, if you’re a Jack Of Sound fan looking for something that will remind you of the old Jack of Sound tracks from last year, look no further!

S.T.F.U. has been released together with G.T.F.O. through Fusion Records.

Originality 7/10

Consistency 5/10

Vocals 9/10

Kicks  7/10

Overall Rating 7/10


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