Se.Ra.Phic – Storm Of Light

Published on Pumped Audio 13/08/2013:

Se.Ra.Phic - Storm Of Light

“The great instrumental theme is the heart and soul of this magnificent piece.”

Se.Ra.Phic – ‘Storm Of Light’ has managed to garner support from Markus Schulz and Photographer within a few days of its promotion period. Doesn’t that sound like the way flashing lightning comes after thunder? Well, the sheer fact that support for this track came in the speed of lightning should give everyone a pretty good idea of what to expect!

Let’s start with the original mix. The synthesised bass line of the introduction is accompanied by kicks that sound as light as claps heard in the distance. It’s a subtle contrast which produces a romantic mist in imaginative minds. When the instrumental melody has its solo moment, things begin to clear up and make way for warm rays of bright sunlight.

There’s a part where the bass violin plays a V-I cadence between the introduction and the build-up. Basically, it gives its listeners the impression of an ending rather than implied continuity, which can make it sound out of place.

Yet, aside from those 2-3 seconds, the remainder of this 9-minute track is actually quite remarkable. The great instrumental theme is the heart and soul of this magnificent piece. After all notes combine to form semiquavers during the build-up, feathery effects flutter freely and create breathtaking excitement.

The 2trancY Moonrising mix has a kick and bass with more of a twang to it. It takes a while before a slightly re-arranged version of the original instrumental melody fades in. The key is taken down a notch for this moonrise, though more room for improvisation remains. Finally, the way everything gently echoes and seemingly transforms into the whirling synth effect after the build-up adds a lovely, shimmering touch.

Se.Ra.Phic’s ‘Storm of Light’ will be released globally on 26.08.13 through Critical Fusion XPM.


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