Blur – Girls and Boys (Yuksek Edit)

Published on Purple Sneakers 23/07/2013:


YUKSEK is a busy DJ/producer who has been sending some light-hearted House beats in his recent Australian tour. He’s also just set up a label called Partyfine.

He’s made an edit of ‘Girls & Boys’, which is available for free download on SoundCloud. Those who have had some good times with wonderful music in the 90s would definitely recognise the original by BLUR. Even if not a lot of people know the lyrics word for word, the majority would at least know, that “Girls who ___ boys, who ____ girls, who ____boys”, right?

YUKSEK made the righteous choice of incorporating the best parts – the bridge and chorus of the original set of lyrics into his edit. There’s a point where the track builds up with an old-school organ chord like the original, but its subtlety makes it sound like a high-pitched humming hiss.

YUKSEK manages to make a more modern or electronic take on ‘Girls & Boys’ with classic piano and choir techniques. Much of what made the original a classic is preserved, so it will definitely take all the 90s fans a trip down memory lane, or a trip back in time.

Words by Angie Ngie.



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