Sailor and I – Tough Love Remixes

Published on Beatsmedia 18/07/2013:

Sailor and I - Tough Love

Sailor & I’s ‘Tough Love’ allows minds to rewind as its listeners sink into retrospection. It can be challenging to remix an excellent acoustic or orchestral track, but the producers of the remixes in this single manage to execute and arrange sound elements quite carefully, leaving adequate space for their personal spin on things.

M A N I K’s remix splices and reassembles the violin melody for an unsettling effect. Yet, it produces an interesting illusion of tranquil flow, and disseminates a light of hope that flickers as weakly as candlelight flame in emotional terms. Melodic notes around the track’s midpoint lie within a set frequency range. This is revealed when parts where the bass frequency is progressively amplified, recreating the feeling of excitement that comes with new discoveries and a sense of unity.

Aril Brikha’s remix casts spotlights on its play of percussion and use of vocal stutters. Its short, sharp bass line has more frequent hits, which heightens the haunting impatience that subtly hides in the original mix. Spliced and burned plucks from the harp sound bittersweet, and go well with the dominating, escalating pitch of choiring ‘ahs’. When the choiring ‘ahs’ reappear right at the very end, it creates an interesting cliff hanger.

The arrangement of the violin sounds in Pablo Nouvelle’s remix sound soothing most of the time, but not in the beginning or the first half. The introduction features overly manipulated sounds that seem out of place, even though they are only in the beginning for a brief moment. The choiring ‘ahs’ come in awkward, annoying threes. However, as Nouvelle features or preserves most of the violin melody, the track’s flow improves by giving the synths a chance to merge with the melody.

The ‘Tough Love’ single will be released on 21/07/2013 through Black Butter Records.

Originality 9/10
Instruments 10/10
Mood 10/10
Arrangement 8/10
Overall rating 9.3/10


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