Fantastic Mr Fox – The Trap

Published on Purple Sneakers 18/07/2013:

Fantastic Mr Fox

The Trap’ by FANTASTIC MR FOX is a creative piece packed with exciting variations, and a soulfully edgy male vocal. Listeners will be transported to a dangerous wilderness with choiring vocal chants, a metallic violin sound, and tribal percussion.

With impeccably timed arrangements, the track’s rapid introduction goes well with the spliced maracas and the rapid repetition of the hi-hats during the build-up. As it moves into silence of the breakdown, cricket noises are incorporated into the track to sound like a conceptual fade to the darkness. Then, the track effectively allows a creepy atmosphere to resurface with further splicing of the choiring chants, and a held violin note that increases in volume.

The Trap’ will keep all the dancers in the room entertained from start to finish. Play this in a club, and the club will become a trap. No one would want to leave when FANTASTIC MR FOX plays. In fact, they’ll probably ask for it to be looped in an encore! He’s definitely a fierce predator!

Words by Angie Ngie.



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