Datamotion – Let’s Go EP

Published on Pumped Audio 16/07/2013:

Datamotion - Let's Go EP

Datamotion – ‘Let’s Go’ EP contains tracks that masterfully use synths to build momentum. If anyone’s looking for something rough and tough to dance to, put this on the radar!

‘Let’s Go’ (Original Mix) has different spins and whirls to keep the crowd entertained. Hard kicks jump in unexpectedly, and somehow fuse with the electromagnetic melody. What’s different about these kicks compared to usual Hard Dance kicks is its soft landing and dreamy echoes, which fits well with a Trance tempo.

‘Poze’ starts off with some chewy synth treats. After some snappy beats and percussion, the whole track takes off into space with Dubstep influences. Instead of making the drop fall like a burning rocketship, the track goes into some rough Electro bass lines that will make anyone jump or grind.

People who thought ‘Poze’ was intense will certainly be just as inspired and awed by the juiciness of ‘Bang’. It begins with some simple drumming and catchy lyrics. When Datamotion finally decides to “pump up the bass”, Electro sounds of a slightly higher pitch than that of ‘Poze’ shoot and shudder. The vocals have a cut-off “eh, eh, eh” that encourage the crowd to “eh” along, and they aren’t played too often, so they definitely won’t annoy anyone. In fact, it feels great to chant along!

‘Let’s Go’ is now available on Beatport. See more from Datamotion here.


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