Clay C – On My Way

Published on Beatsmedia 04/07/2013:

Clay C - On My Way

‘On My Way’ is Clay C’s latest release on Future Focus Recordings. It offers a dark mysterious foreground and shimmering soundscapes.

The magic of this production lies in between the beats. Mettlesome rattles and hi-hats form a strong, suspenseful union, while the metallic clangs echo on in the distance adding much depth. The dynamics seamlessly morph together with the bassline, and consume the listener.

The climax brings an emotional state of mind, a delightful illustration of arduous journeys and flickering memories. It’s very in-keeping with the title, however, one note is unnecessarily played over and over during the build-up, which for me makes the beginning of the chorus a little less surprising, additionally, the looped elements stay within a very small range, perhaps an expansion or point of difference could have been added to create a more powerful punch.

‘On My Way’ will be released on the 17th July 2013.

Percussion: 8/10
Bass: 6/10
Melody: 8/10
Originality: 7/10
Overall rating: 7.3/10


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