Djemba Djemba remix of ‘Green Gardens’ (Free Download)

Published on Purple Sneakers 02/07/2013:

Djemba Djemba

DJEMBA DJEMBA is an LA producer who is extremely skilled at mixing different electronic genres to create his own signature sound. He has received support from DIPLO, who recently featured his mix on ‘Diplo and Friends.

The joy, innocence, and sex appeal of the original ‘Green Gardens’ by LAURA MVULA seems like it would be hard to eclipse in a remix. Yet, DJEMBA DJEMBA’s adaptation miraculously manages to preserve the natural and playful spirit of the original mix.

The track begins with high-pitched synth chimes, synthesised with a shuddering effect. They create dreamy whirls that can sweep the crowd off their feet. Claps from the original fall like scattered rain, and gradually become clear as they decompress.

The modified LAURA MVULA vocals and ticklish hi-hats bounce like a ball, and roll in a melody as hypnotising as wind chimes. Get it for free now and check out more DJEMBA DJEMBA tunes over at his SoundCloud!

Words by Angie Ngie.



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