Dirty South and Alesso – City Of Dreams

Published on Beatsmedia 30/06/2013:

Dirty South and Alesso - City Of Dreams Single

‘City of Dreams’ is a single from 3beat Records which includes the balanced use of both electronic and original instrumental sounds. These layers give the track and its remixes a form of organic honesty that is really hard to come by.

In the original mix, the notes slowly morph into digital sounds creating a smooth transition. At its peak, electronic violins are played out in a grand setting, followed by a wave of glinting dynamics, underlying melodic layers that create absolute delight. In a live setting, every note can be catapulted into a live crowd like atom bombs. No need for gas guns on stage, because ‘City of Dreams’ is indeed an awesome gas gun in itself!

The Showtek remix uncovers a romantic melody and seducing lyrics fused together with ascending chords. It unexpectedly drops into a distinctively edgier, and dominant vibe as the grinding bass combines purifying effects that shake the whole room back and forth. Overall, this remix is an electronic whopper burger. Ingredients: A soft sweet bun intro at the top, followed by a rough meat patty of pure rebellion in the center, verdict – delicious.

The Jacques Lu Cont mix can be quite confusing. It stays true to the originals instruments. However, there’s a lack of something to spark fascination. The spliced vocals form a rather annoying and overly, incessant “woah-ooh-woah-ooh-woah”. Followed by repeated “I close my eyes” which comes after every single beat. It disrupts the easy-going vibe that the original mix developed, and for me, it didn’t add anything new to compensate.

Dirty South and Alesso have created an uplifted production that will become the highlight of every set it gets played in for sure. While Showtek introduces a dark and cheeky twist. Albeit, the Jacques Lu Cont mix does drag the overall rating of this set down somewhat, which is a real shame.

Release dates:
Showtek Remix: 25th June 2013 (Beatport)
Bundle featuring Jacques Lu Cont Remix: 9th July 2013
New video out 2nd July 2013

Mastering: 8/10
Harmony: 7/10
Instruments: 8/10
Originality: 8/10
Total Score: 7.8/10


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