Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano – Ultronic (Teaser Review)

Published on Beatsmedia 28/06/2013:

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano’s latest release on Spinnin Records is a rather odd yet fascinating piece titled ‘Ultronic’. The teaser of this new release was uploaded to the Spinnin Records YouTube channel. It leaves a firm imprint on the mind with its stamping energy. In fact, watching men march in a video teaser can immensely heighten the listeners’ experience of the music.

The beginning of the teaser consists of a repetition of five notes, slightly synthesised to create a subtle pumping effect. This is combined with a soft bass, and plucking strings which create a hypnotic quality, that said it’s nice to hear a track that doesn’t rely on explicitly loud claps for a change. The build-up uncovers an overused overdrive. However, the way in which it wobbles creates a brief, unexpected edge for the bass to fall off.

After the drop the marching becomes licks of burning flames, crackling in time to synchronise the tempo. At this point the bass becomes emphasised overcasting the strings, which is a refreshing reversal. The number of musical notes quickly decreases to two, but the level of tension rises smoothly as a result.

‘Ultronic’ is definitely something that will surprise. Its monotonous simplicity makes it mysteriously interesting.

Available on Spinnin Records from the 26th of July.


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