Croatia Squad and Calippo – The Conductor (Teaser Review)

This review was originally written for Beatsmedia, but was never published.

Croatia Squad and Calippo - The Conductor

Croatia Squad and Calippo have released two swinging knockers on the Australian Ministry of Sound label, in an EP titled ‘The Conductor’. This EP is appropriately titled, for its tracks have the ability to conduct the crowd, or send subtle shockwaves that charge up the clubbing atmosphere. The teaser for one of the tracks was uploaded to the Ministry of Sound Australia YouTube page on the 27th of June. Previews of both tracks to be released through the EP are available on Croatia Squad’s SoundCloud page.

The bass in ‘The Conductor’ (Original Mix) is accompanied by several drum rolls and hits which sound like the knocking of metal and wooden surfaces in a tin warehouse. It’s not something that people would normally expect to go into a violin melody and House percussion. However, the stark contrast makes an excellent way to build anticipation. Its lyrics makes visions of ambitions bubble in the imagination. After all, if a “dream” is “right there” it’d make people want to go out and grab it! This touch creates the urge to release oneself from the bittersweet violin symphony. Thus, it allows the bass and knocks to come back with a seemingly more aggressive feeling. People will move more than they did before!

‘The Conductor’ EP is now available for purchase on Beatport.

Instruments 10/10

Mood 8/10

Lyrics 10/10

Synths 8/10

Overall rating 9/10


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