RUFUS – Desert Night

Published on Purple Sneakers 25/06/2013:

RUFUS - Desert Night

RUFUS’ focus on high-quality execution or arrangement of sounds resulted in beautiful simplicity, and he called it ‘Desert Night’. The vocals are so sensual that it keeps the whole track under control, as the bass thuds and shudders underneath. Build-ups in the track form an unsettling disruption of the peaceful lulls as a refreshing twist. Thus, the moment when the bass drops in becomes a much needed relief. This also allows the listener to gain a feeling of renewal, or unprecedented freshness.

The music video involves the use of two Japanese actors: Shingo Usami and Natsuki Robertson. Both actors are based in New South Wales. In the beginning, Shingo sings to ‘Desert Night’ in a drunken fashion. When Shingo meets Natsuki, they bond, and begin to dance in different places around the city. Even the music video itself has two wow factors.

Firstly, everyone loves a cute romantic comedy. Secondly, and perhaps more subtly, the music video could be inferring the relationship between DJs and the people on the dance floor. Not everyone’s drunk, and not everyone understands how anyone could dance to the music. Yet, the atmosphere of union, togetherness, and silliness, warms the hearts of many.

Together, they repeat moves and the beautiful beat, again, and again.

RUFUS | DESERT NIGHT from Katzki on Vimeo.

Words by Angie Ngie.



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