Die Antwoord – Cookie Thumper

This review was originally written for Purple Sneakers but never got published.
The published version is by Lauren Payne.

Die Antwoord - Cookie Thumper

DIE ANTWOORD has released the music video for ‘Cookie Thumper’. Just like how it sounds, this track has a special, sweet crunch that only Die Antwoord can pull off. DIE ANTWOORD always tell interesting stories. Or, perhaps, they should be called edgy, urban, gangster fairy tales.

The intro begins with a narrative song is about a little girl who goes to boarding school, and has a relationship with a drug dealer who went to jail. It has the same deepness that fairy tale narrators have, and a magical twinkling sound. However the lyrics twist it until it flips upside down, and there’s that bagpipe-like sound in the background which somehow just makes everything electrically charged and dangerous. This introduction acts as an excellent hook. It even foreshadows the chorus!

Male dominance and female attraction to male power are quite explicit in this song, but it also includes a fair amount of girl power retaliation. It starts off praising Anies the male protagonist, but Yolandi also boasts about her own style. When they start talking about Anies’ preferences in sex, Yolandi doesn’t even pretend to like it as porn stars do. As a result, male and female genders become equal in power.

Yolandi makes special mention of Zef when she says “my Zef accent is very foreign”. Zef refers to a culture which empowers the lower-middle class to be proud regardless of poverty. Yet, in referring to it as a foreign language, it intelligently describes those who embrace this subculture as special, proud outcasts. The middle-upper class might be inclined to marginalize them, but people of Zef understand each other and live a Zef life.

DIE ANTWOORD‘s ‘Cookie Thumper‘ will make people forget about stereotypes!

Words by Angie Ngie.



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