ARDI – Mystery and Beyond The Time

Published on Pumped Audio 24/06/2013:

ARDI - Mystery and Beyond The Time

ARDI – ‘Mystery’ and ‘Beyond The Time’ are two uplifting trance tracks. Contrary to the more popular styles of Trance, ARDI has composed sorrow melodies that burrow deeply into the chest.

‘Mystery’ has calming sounds that are as warm as the sands of Egypt. As the lone travellers of Trance look to the path ahead,  the sun begins to set, and the synths build-up to the stronger winds and star-filled sky. Such is the magical environment that Trance lovers can expect to be transported to.

‘Beyond The Time’ has much more sharp and aggressive impacts. The purring undertones clasp the throat, causing the heart to beat as loudly as the bass. Minds can become fully immersed and controlled by this fierce force.

‘Mystery’ and ‘Beyond The Time’ will be released on the first of July through Armada Music on Beatport. Lose control as ARDI takes souls to oblivion and claims domination. Check out his Facebook page here.


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