Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix)

Kaskade - Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix)

Headhunterz is Willem Reberger. Willem Reberger, Willem Reberger…Say that a few times, and you get a slurry way of saying “will the Hamburger”.

Just kidding. Now, back to business.

Headhunterz has become one of the icons of the Hardstyle scene. Even today, the older Hardstyle tracks such as ‘Sacrifice‘ and ‘Power of the Mind (Original Mix)’, still carry the force of madness for shufflers. Recently, this man has sparked some discussion on whether he still remains true to the sound of Hardstyle. The heat of the discussion turned up when he decided to sign with Ultra Records.

Headhunterz was also accused of having a lack of originality for making too many experimental remixes. Even the original mix of ‘Lessons In Love’ was an Electro House track, made by an artist named Kaskade. Headhunterz was aware of that, and recently, he hinted at plans of releasing original mixes.

Three years ago, Headhunterz already mentioned in an interview that he wanted the sound of Hardstyle to evolve. Could he be the first man to nail the fusion? Maybe.

The Headhunterz remix of ‘Lessons In Love’ brings in an intro with Hardstyle kicks that echo cymbal chimes, which acts like a subtle way of giving tributary credit to the original. In no time, the crescendo notes hit. At this point the cymbal echoes have a much more digitised effect. Synths bring silence in and out before before the deep bass finds its way through, which acts as a very good tease or hint of what’s to come. When the actual breakdown comes in, the main melody or its chords are isolated. The vocals are not just simply sped up to match the tempo. Instead, it is also accompanied by a deeper digitised version. This gives it a multi-dimensional richness. Those piano notes are as light-hearted as puppy love.

The build-up is magnificent, particularly in the break point where the low “lessons in” gets contrasted with the higher “love”, which is a rather conceptual twist. Normally, people would associate lessons with dull school days, or the lower points in life of getting ‘schooled’. Yet, love is always wonderfully high-pitched and innocent, and when some people get taught about love, they learn to love harder! The piano melody gets converted into the Hardstyle sound, and the kick has a passionate softness, which goes well with the overall tone of this light-hearted piece. What’s more amazing is the great layers of sound: The melody chords, the cymbal-like echoes that synthesise or are tuned to every note, and the bubbly sounds from the build-up.

Now, every time the siren crescendos come in, it’ll be like a call – A call to assemble, a call to prepare, and be set free. The Headhunterz remix of ‘Lessons In Love’ will unshackle every chain of burden gathered from past experiences, and make them shatter into silvery dust. This track will renew all hope in finding love, because, this track will make people fall in love. Every time this plays, it will give the crowd a warm embrace. Well done, Headhunterz. Well done. I’m in love with the music!


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