MitiS – Born EP

MitiS Born EP

MitiS is a musician who makes selections very considerately and pays a lot of attention to detail. He mastered the classical piano, and brought his stunning compositions to electronic music. The result of this classical and contemporary fusion is so distinct or rare, that one might be inclined to think MitiS is not well-known. However, the reality is far from that. MitiS is signed to two record labels: Heavy Artillery Recordings, and Forte Recordings. He also had the privilege of playing alongside artists such as Aoki, Dillon Francis, and Dirtyphonics. The release of an EP titled ‘Born’, sounds like a recount of every event in life since every human was born. Before listening to the amazing releases, feel free to have a read of this review, as preparation for a life-changing experience.

The sound of waves tends to have a calming effect. When things gets sucked into vortexes, or become a tornado, one would normally see it as a sign of danger. Indeed, much risk comes into the creation of something new, but at the same time, new creations are a result of miracles. In fact, these new creations hold a certain degree of power or influence. The wavy sound from the introduction of ‘Born’ eventually becomes tuned, as if it’s attracted by the force of the melody. The percussion has a ring of the tambourine to it, and it carries essential hits. It steps in when the melody pauses, and still manages to connect the piece smoothly with a windy wisp. Overall, this piece creates a pulse that brings this track to life.

In ‘Innocent Discretion’, the melody comes in with a rippling effect. The dew drop is formed, and the moment of silence is where it falls into a greater stream. The track features a great piano melody which loops throughout like an enchanting stream of a waterfall, shining under a bright sun. The synths in this track are simple, much like the crescendo and diminuendo sounds of a breeze, touching every leaf on every branch. When the left-hand melody plays, it carries a bit more emotional heaviness. Yet, that’s what makes whole track bittersweet, or solid and grounded like the earth itself. It’s modest, rich, and solemn as words of wisdom. Though, in this case, perhaps they should be called the notes of wisdom.

Empowerment, motivation, and hope, can’t come without the decision to move forward from the negativities of the past. Retrospection, acceptance, and love, combine into sounds that penetrate resistance with a prompt: Release. The ultimate sound of release is what MitiS offers, as it retells the story of the ups and downs that every human beings experience, even without the use of words. Perhaps, the sense of relief and joy from having a child was what gave MitiS the inspiration to produce such a wonderful EP.

The tracks from Born were available for free for a limited time. Now, it’s available for purchase on Beatport.


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