Boys Noize Go Hard (Original Review)

See the published version on Purple Sneakers (04/06/13):

Boys Noize Go Hard

BOYS NOIZE likes to bring in different electronic music genres and roll them into an energy ball in every release. He and DIPLO have made some sexy electronic symphonies together in ‘Jenga and ‘Look At These Hoes. Some might even remember the day BOYS NOIZE stunningly emerged with a giant skull at Future Music Festival 2013. BOYS NOIZE began that set with ‘Ich R U and ‘What U Want from his ‘Out Of The Black album, and made the crowd go insane.

BOYS NOIZE‘s latest single titled Go Hard brings back the yellow smiley face on the album cover to foreshadow the innovative combo. The kicks and bass pump loudly in the intro, and every hit is a thunderbolt. It sounds like a series of old-school Happy Hardcore or Hard Trance beats, slowed down to the Progressive tempo of 150BPM. It dims down explicitly to welcome the edgy Trap like a loud declaration, and drops to bring in Acid synths. Towards the end, the track isolates the deep bass and allows it to connect dotty drip-drops. It seems to flow back and forth with a rich Dubstep grind.

BOYS NOIZE is one of a handful of artists who crush the walls of electronic music genres. Hear the sound of evolution ringing in the air, embrace it, and go hard!

Words by Angie Ngie.



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