Jonathan Carvajal – Alba (Original Mix)

Published on Pumped Audio 04/06/2013:

Jonathan Carvajal - Alba

Jonathan Carvajal presents a Critical Uprising debut titled ‘Alba’.

Komplex Sounds (KSX) is releasing a series of Critical Sounds on three labels: Critical Fusion XPM, Critical State, and now, Critical Uprising. The pure, debut release to be featured on this brand new sub-label is from a Colombian artist named Jonathan Carvajal from Obsession Management. This talented Trance artist has had releases on Armada, including ‘Switch Off’, and a remix of ‘Stargazer’ in the ‘Unfold The Remixes’ compilation. In addition, Jonathan has received support from renowned producers such as John O’ Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Aly & Fila, and Bryan Kearney.

Feel that white silk against your skin, and let those goosebumps rise.

The introduction to ‘Alba’ has a kick and bass which gradually rolls into different parts of the track. The most satisfying parts lie at moments where the sound travels from the right ear to the left, which is a perfect moment for a spin on the dance floor. If there’s a Mexican wave, could this be the Colombian sound wave? As the track brings in other elements, it seems to let out puffs of air that give life to this release. When the drumming gets extended, and the track falls into a silent landing, excitement can tighten the nerves. From then on, anyone listening will keep wondering what Jonathan Carvajal will do next.

Perhaps, it is the beauty of those delicate notes in the climax, which slow down the blood flow to produce an euphoric sensation. Feel that white silk against your skin, and let those goosebumps rise. Remember, this is just one of 15 tracks to be released on the Critical Sounds summer catalogue. Get your candy box of tunes ready, and catch the KSX goodies as they drop!

Exclusive Release Date on Trackitdown: 10.06.13
Global Release date: 24.06.13


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