Reborn Music Festival 2013 Review

Published on The Harder Mix 20/5/13:

Reborn Music Festival 2013

“So, you bought a VIP ticket, and you’re going to be here for three hours?”, “So every 3 seconds, you’re going to go crazy?” The man in the Defqon.1 jacket asked his friend, who was wearing a Masters of Hardcore shirt and phat pants. They were the first group in the line. Apparently, his friend had to go to his cousin’s boxing tournament, or something, but kept his VIP ticket and went to Reborn Music Festival anyway. The friend wasn’t willing to let go of the three hours he was going to have. Talk about dedication!

As we all waited, old men and women walked past, staring at the ravers with amusement. They weren’t aware of what was going on, when they saw a big crowd lining up at a Big Top surrounded by barriers. The blue Reborn angels mostly stood on the right. The guy in the Defqon.1 jacket noticed Steve Hill was standing on the left. It seemed as though the area was strictly closed off for event staff, but that didn’t last for long. Entry to the event was one of the smoothest of all festivals. There were few police and sniffer dogs, and the bag checks were quick. The guy handling the VIP tickets seemed rather professionally over-dressed in his collar shirt. The first thing that people would notice upon entering was a huge bar. In fact, there were huge bars in all three arenas of the festival. Very, very cold water and plastic cups were available too. In addition, whether you were a VIP or had a general admission ticket, the toilets on each level were accessible to all, squeaky clean, and had no long queues!

Reborn Music Festival 2013

On the right, there was a merchandise store with three T-shirts hanging on the wall. Wearing a free Reborn tee on the spot and getting that VIP lanyard was a marvellous feeling! There were two stairs leading up to the balcony. From the entrance, the one on the right had a security guard. Flash the VIP card, walk up the stairs, and one would see a few couches and stairs. The couches and chairs had a solid appearance, but do not be deceived! They were the most comfortable things a raver could possibly sit or rest on after a hectic dancing session! There was also another water station for the VIPs, and cans of fizzy drinks to buy. Although the other side of the balcony was also open to the public, being a VIP had a few perks. The balcony accessible to all had a smaller portion, which meant that it got crowded quickly. However, for the VIPs, there was plenty of space to get the best, front row, balcony view of the laser shows. As the night went on, the VIPs even moved the couches and chairs. They could sit back and watch the show with drinks in hand like posh stars.

Reborn Music Festival 2013

The barrier of the main stage claimed a whole side of the room to itself. Those lights were multi-coloured, and all laser lines were clear and solid from every angle. If only the stage design was comparable to that of the creative structures at Defqon.1, so that the empty space of the sides of the stage could be filled. Screens were arranged to form a pixelated, triangular opening, revealing the ring of lights that were in the centre. There was also a screen in front of the DJ decks, which did more than just show the name of the DJ. Those who had been to Prophecy would probably recognise the ring, but, the light show delivered was definitely much better than what Prophecy had. It incorporated the Reborn icon throughout in different forms.  It’s safe to say that the quality of the light show made up for the simplicity of the stage. Perhaps it made it easier for them to wrap it up when the event was over too. The D7 stage at the top level became a Hardcore stage momentarily. The lighting for that stage was so bright, that it was hard to see who was performing, but that was only because the space was too small for awesome equipment. If only Big Top had two massive arenas! It would have been great to see more Hardcore acts at Reborn. Then, after all that dancing, people could go get some chicken schnitzels and sausages outside, with the meat prepared fresh on the spot. It also doubled as a smoking area.

Although the space for the main stage was huge, the Reborn organizers did not to let too many people in with ticket allocation. It was a wise move. When the internationals performed, everyone had plenty of space to jump in. People who wanted to have a closer look could cut to the front whenever they pleased. No pushing, no foot-stomping, just pure freedom. There was no need to rush to the front and stay there just to reserve a spot either.

Reborn Music Festival 2013

Another fine thing that the Reborn organizers did was put equal focus on both local and international acts. The go-go dancers were performing for most of the night, and increased to four when the internationals started to perform. There was no case of saving the best till last, or piling all the internationals on one stage. Thus, people could go from stage to stage, and only end up missing out on one act they intended to see, even without a copy of the line-up. Thanks to the marvellous sound systems on all stages, all the artists had the chance to show their style. People got to hear the music live, and as it was meant to be.

The most anticipated act of the night was Donkey Rollers, whose last performance in Sydney was back in 2009 for Defqon 1. Though the live performance only lasted for 35 minutes, the crowd was fully entertained all the way. Zany crossed between DJ’ing to singing alongside the hot and funny MC DV8, while Jowan spent most of his time behind the decks. About halfway through, or towards the end of the act, they couldn’t help but notice a man who kept revealing his butt to the public. They did tell the man to stop doing that, and told him it was disgusting. However, watching that happen from the top at the corner of their eye just made it too amusing to ignore. They invited him on stage and got him to show his butt from two sides of the stage twice. DV8 was so mesmerised by his beautiful butt that he had to rap: “Waiting for the witch, to cast her spell. There’s a smile on my ass”. That sent both Zany and MC DV8 into a frenzy of laughter. The man, also known as ‘ass man’ got a huge round of cheer and applause for his marvellous butt show. Cheeky Zany kept on beat-boxing at the end of their set, and MC DV8 just had to give ‘ass man’ one last shout-out in the ‘We Will Rock You’ style: “Where, is, where, is, the ass man?!” After a flurry of random beat-boxing, Zany made the ‘We Will Rock You’ beats backstage, and MC DV8 got lead by the beats. DV8 couldn’t help but sing one line: “You got mud on your face, big disgrace”. Finally, after three rounds of random Zany acts, they walked out again to assure the crowd that they really did have to leave, and that they were going to be at the Masif Saturdays after party.

Reborn Music Festival did a splendid job with astounding production. Note that there were no major sound equipment malfunctions on interruptions in this event, which added to the festival’s exceptional quality. It really helps to give a better image of Australian event organizers. The considerate line-up arrangements were not only crucial to the festival experience, but essential to encouraging and showcasing local acts. It had room for improvement, including more shuttle buses. Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best local events that the Hard Dance lovers of Sydney had ever seen. Q-Dance Australia needs to watch their back, because D7 Events is becoming a mighty contender!


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