Hardstyle Mafia – Tick Tock

Published on The Harder Mix 13 May 2013:

Hardstyle Mafia - Tick Tock

Hardstyle Mafia are a duo from Finland who created the EP called ‘Tick Tock’ on Spoontech Records. They fuse old and new styles of Hardstyle, but remain loyal to its original sound. This results in a killer EP that chainsaws every metal pole with its brutality.

‘Tick Tock’ has kicks that swoop in while accompanied by irregular ticks. During the build-up, the ticking sounds tick to the beat. Then, when the tempo increases, it seems to bring heartbeats to an exciting state of panic, before the pounding kicks enter. Intentional slowdowns in the track add an element of surprise, and it’s uncertain as the future.

‘Exist in the Dark’ has lyrics which tell a raver’s fairytale, so all the ravers can definitely relate to it and reminisce. The kicks and bass have an innovative quality where it doesn’t just bounce, but leaves a haunting trace. When the loop of vibrations tones down, it naturally morphs into the sound of a cricket. What a transformation!

‘Out Of Control’ gets into the melody quite quickly, which is exactly what it’s like when ravers get impatient. The kicks sound like cuts in the intro, and proceed to become exploding growls as the track goes on. In the build-ups, the melody begins with notes that trickle like raindrops, morph into little laser shots, and finally, chime in its full force – Smooth execution.

The ‘Tick Tock’ EP will disseminate a smell of raw, bloody meat that will make carnivores go crazy. Even the titles of this EP tell a great story. Be warned, the dark realm is not for the weak. This EP will make a great source of empowerment for all the nightlife crusaders out there.


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